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Storage Solutions

Storing and managing your company data can be a very challenging issue, It is important for every business to have its information stored in the best way possible.

With the ever growing need for archiving space, Your Company will need to expand its resources and without a scale-able storage solutions it is considered a crisis that will result in lost revenues.

From a local shop to an enterprise business. Our highly qualified team is able to take care of your data with the safest way possible ,as we proudly use the latest technologies available.

Our services includes:

Backup and restore1Backup and restore

Protect your data by our automated backup and recovery service

Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery

Comprehensive service to recover your data in case of disasters

Storage Area Network1Storage Area Network (SAN)

Combine all your data into one appliance

Network Attached StorageNetwork Attached Storage ( NAS)

NAS is a device connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data

Cloud serviceCloud service

Store your data on our cloud storage servers

our unparalleled services in the UAE guarantees the best cost-efficient solution for any situation

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